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07 May 18 to
01 Jan 20
Cage Culture Project in Qatar

Tender awarded and contract signed with a private company to establish Fish culture in floating cages in the northern part of the country with target annual production of 2000 Ton/year, of commercially important local species...

07 May 18 to
01 Jan 20
Aquatic Research Center,Qatar

Aquatic Research Center at Ras Al matbak, Qatar, is currently in preparation phase ahead of operation. Invited tender for operation and maintenance of the Center to work on breeding and fry production of commercially important...

07 May 18 to
31 Dec 18
Shrimp Farm in Qatar

Floated tender to establish private Shrimp production Farm in Al areesh coastal area, north of Qatar with target annual production of 1000 Tons/year. The project aims to boost the private participation in aquaculture production...

25 Apr 18 to
01 Jan 70
New big Aquaponic project in Oman

Dr Fuad bin Jaafar al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, officially launched the first aquaponics farm in Barka on Wednesday 13 March 2018. The project combines conventional aquaculture, which is raising aquatic...

25 Apr 18
New shrimp project in Oman

New shrimp project to be developed in Oman in the coming period as usufrcut contract has been signed between the Ministry of Housing in Oman and a private aquaculture sector to establish a 200 hecatre shrimpe culture project in...

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