Aquaculture Centre
Directorate General of Fisheries Researches
Ministry of Fisheries Wealth
P.O.Box: 467  Postal code:113  Muscat
Tel:  +968-24736618
Fax: + 968-24737788

Name of focal point:

Mr. Dawood Suleiman Al-Yahyai
Director of fisherman training institute  
Ministry of Manpower
P.O.Box: 565  Postal code:326  AL- Khaboura
Tel:  +968-24801941
Fax: + 968-24801939
GSM : + 968-99350730


The Centre is located in Muscat, The capital of Oman, which is found approximately 45 km from Seeb International Airport.

The Aquaculture Centre under the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries was established in September 2006. All aquaculture activities and researches were conducted by aquaculture laboratory under Marine Sciences & Fisheries Centre from 1992 to 2006. Then the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Establish the Aquaculture Centre to coup with the expected expansion in aquaculture sector in Oman. The objectives of the Aquaculture Centre include:

  • Conduct applied research in the field of aquaculture.
  • Apply modern technologies of aquaculture and hatchery which are suitable to the environment conditions of Oman.
  • Conduct researches on the possible local species for aquaculture
  • Enhance the stock of endangered fish species.
  • Monitoring the commercial aquaculture projects.
  • Conduct researches on the diseases of cultured fish.
  • Evaluating the aquaculture project submitted by private companies.
  • Cooperation with private sector for developing aquaculture sector through joint research projects.
  • Educating the public about aquaculture activities.

The centre has 3 departments which are Aquaculture laboratory, Aquaculture development section,. And Environmental monitoring

Currently, the centre has 7 staff members including scientific and administrative personnel.

The Centre includes many laboratories such as chemical analysis laboratory, algae lab, food processing laboratory. It include also hatchery unit.