Kingdom of Bahrain: National review on marine cage aquaculture


The Kingdom of Bahrain has no commercial mariculture activities. Main production outputs consists of marine fish juveniles for export and local stock enhancement programmes. The coastal waters are open with no protected bays or sheltered areas and are generally shallow, with only small deep areas in the form of depressions in the sea floor. Salinities are high, tidal currents and wind velocities are medium to high. There is a potential for shallow net cage farming in selected areas, but measures for protection of cages against natural elements need to be considered. The presence of a successful and thriving fish juvenile production industry is a positive asset that will no doubt encourage future cage farming projects in the country. There are few but insufficient laws and regulations for mariculture activities including cage farming. There is a need to develop these regulations and also establish guidelines for environmental impact assessments and environmental monitoring programmes for mariculture projects.


Prepared by: Dr Abdulredha J. Shams (Director of Marine Resources - General Directorate for the Protection of Marine Resources) 


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