Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Aquaculture Department
Ministry of Agriculture
King Abdulaziz Street
Riyadh, Zip code 11195
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966-14016666 Ext: 2155, 2234 & 3054
Fax: +966-14031635
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Name of the Focal Point

Dr. Anwar Essa Al-Sunaiher
Microbiologist and Fish Disease Expert
Aquaculture Department
Ministry of Agriculture
Tel: +966-4031635
Fax: +966-4031635
Mobile: +966-506252947

RAIS National Centre based in the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is functioning at the premises of Aquaculture Department, Ministry of Agriculture.


Aquaculture development in Saudi Arabia began in 1980 with the establishment of the Fish Culture Project at the Saudi Arabian National Center for Science and Technology (now called the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology) in Riyadh. In 1992, the Deputy Ministry for Fisheries Affairs, which oversees national fisheries development policy, was established under the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture and Water. Simultaneously, an Aquaculture Department was established in which the RAIS National Centre is functioning. The RAIS National Centre is enriched with well qualified experts and researchers to promote aquaculture in the country.

The main activities in the Aquaculture Department include:

  • Supervising the aquaculture activities in Kingdome of Saudi Arabia for fulfilling the need of fisheries products.
  • Developing and enhancing the aquaculture field in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Participating in evaluation of aquaculture feasibility studies.
  • Participating in supervision of fish farms, assessment of technical and production aspects.
  • Following up aquaculture research activities.
  • Participating in the bilateral agreements with other countries by offering suitable suggestion with due consideration of national aquaculture development
  • Conducting technical assessment and feasibility studies on fish farm sites for specific aquaculture projects.
  • Providing technical guidance and extension service to the fish farmers.
  • Participating in assessment of scientific and research projects related to aquaculture activities.


  • Provisions available for refining suitable fish and shrimp species and recommend them to the fish farmers for expedite aquaculture farms in Inland and marine waters.
  • Facilities available for support and supervise aquaculture farm activities including site selection, designing, construction, stocking and maintenance.
  • Facilitating the fish farmers to obtain speedy approval from the aquaculture authorities for their short and long term aquaculture projects.
  • Ensuring periodic revision of aquaculture production plans.
  • Facilities available for conducting market analysis studies on aquaculture products, to identify critical marketing problems facing by the investors and to offer remedial measures.
  • Facilitate the fish farmers to obtain loan from the banks.
  • Allotting suitable area for fish farmers and ensuring technical support and health supervision to the fish farms.