Department of Fisheries

Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs & Fish Resources
P.O. Box: 21422, Safat 13075
State of Kuwait
Tel:  +965-22254111
Fax: +965-22254103
E-mail: info@raisaquaculture.net

Name of the Focal Point

Mr Soud Abdel Aziz Hussain
(RAIS Regional Coordinator)
Head of Aquaculture Section
Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources
Tel.: +965-22254132
Mob: +965-66005575
E-mail: soud500sl@hotmail.com

RAIS National Centre, State of Kuwait is functioning at the Department of Fisheries, Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources. The Centre is located about 7 km distance from the Airport and about 12 km away from Kuwait City.

RAIS National Centre and the Regional Centre of RAIS are concurrently functioning at the Department of Fisheries, Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAFR), State of Kuwait. PAAFR administers the basic national legislation in Kuwait, which is contained in law No. 46 of 1980. The Department of Fisheries has various divisions which include License Division, Fish Resource Development Division, Marine Control Division, Aquaculture Department and Aquatic life studies and Research Department. All the divisions are functioning under the administrative control of the Deputy Director General of PAAFR. About 200 staffs are working in the Fisheries Department.
As for the RAIS National Centre is concerned, it aims to promote environmentally safe and sustainable aquaculture development in the State of Kuwait. In order to augment the aquaculture production in a sustainable way, the National Centre recognizes the following priority issues:

  • Research & Development on Farming system with suitable candidate  species, and Technology Transfer;
  • Environmental Safeguards including Regulatory and Permit Procedures;
  • Processing and marketing
  • Health and disease management of cultivable species
  • Policies, legal frameworks, institutions and investment
  • Coordination

A state of art of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) hatchery has been established to ensure timely tilapia seed supply to the aqua-farmers.
A new fisheries research laboratory with modern equipments and facilities is being established at ‘Amkara’ under the purview of Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, State of Kuwait.
Efficient communication system has been established in the National and Regional Centre of RAIS, Kuwait for exchange of information on aquaculture and to ensure proper coordination on aquaculture activities.
A new site for cage aquaculture has been identified at Al-Kiran area which is ideal for the investors to set up cage aquaculture in large scale in future.The aquaculture department consists of well experienced and highly qualified staffs to promote and develop the sustainable aquaculture activities in the State of Kuwait.