RAIS National Coordinators

Dawood Al Yahyai
RECOFI-Working Group on Aquaculture
Director of Aquaculture Development
Directorate General of Fisheries Resources Development
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
P.O. Box 427, PC 100 Muscat
Tel: +96824953130, Mobile: +96899350730, Fax: +96824693246
E-mail: dawooddalyahyai@gmail.com

Name of the Focal Point:     Abubakar Sahli
Email:                              Jfrc202gmail.com
Phone:                             +966554342731
Member Country:               Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Name of the Focal Point:     Auhood Hassan Al-Hammadi
Email:                               ahalhammadi@moecae.gov.oe
Phone:                             +971525099309
Member Country:               United Arab Emirates

Name of the Focal Point:     Dawood Suleiman Al-Yahyai,
Email:                               dawoodalyahyai@gmail.com
Phone:                             +96824953130; Mob: +96899350730
Member Country:               Sultanate of Oman

Name of the Focal Point:     Ahmed Abdul-Wahab
Email:                                aiwahab@mun.gov.bh
Phone:                               +97339290002
Member Country:                 Kingdom of Bahrain

Name of the Focal Point:      Abbas AMINI
Email:                                abb_amin@yahoo.com
Phone:                              +982166941363
Member Country:                 Republic of Iran

Name of the Focal Point:      Musaddak D. ALI
Email:                                mmdmda@yahoo.com
Phone:                               +0964 7901616053
Member Country:                 Republic of Iraq

Name of the Focal Point:      Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Abdullah
Email:                                mflamarzi@mme.gov.qa - www.baladiya.gov.qa
Phone:                              +97444263531: +97455842324
Member Country:                Qatar

Name of the Focal Point:      Eng. Mohamad Ali Ghaleb Ahmad
Email:                               mohammedghalib73@gmail.com
Phone:                              965 22252004 Fax +965 22252005
Member Country:                State of Kuwait