Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth Oman

Ministry of fisheries has identified its objectives and policies in order to develop the production systems to achieve quality fish products and increase the economic, environmental and social returns in accordance with the sustainability of fishery resources and creation of job opportunities for citizens and diversifying sources of national income. The ministry also contributes to the development of human resources working in the fisheries sector through guiding fisherman on the usage of proper fishing methods and equipment and how to maintain the quality of fish. It also develops marketing of fisheries through designing and building standard markets in areas that are known for their activities.

After the issuance of the Royal Decree No. (2008/83) that determined the specialties of the Ministry of Fisheries and the adoption of its organizational structure, efforts are directed this year to provide the structure of the ministry infrastructure, at both legal and regulatory level, as well as the administration buildings of the Ministry, at both levels; central and in various governorates and regions of the Sultanate along the coast and providing it with the necessary resources that enable it perform its entrusted role

In line with global developments in providing food security and the actions taken by many countries in this regard, the ministry has to focus on the need to maintain this wealth, and thus review the laws that seek to regulate fishing and work to update and enact the necessary laws for the protection of endangered species to overfishing, It should also tighten control on the coasts of Oman and the development of the law of maritime fishing. The Ministry also has done several studies to improve the marketing network of fish because of their importance in the distribution of fish locally and increase the economic output of this sector for the fishermen and the community.


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